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1.What type of business lines does SurfMed accept?

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage Plans*
  • Medicaid Florida Including LTSS, MMA, FHK, CMS
  • Medicaid Pennsylvania Including LTSS
  • Medicaid Texas Including LTSS
  • Medicaid Ohio Including LTSS
  • Medicaid Virginia Including LTSS
  • Medicaid Illinois Including LTSS
    • Florida Health Exchange Plans
    • Pace Programs
    • Florida Waivers
    • ALFs
    • Private pay

*Regional coverage

2.What patient demographics do you serve?

SurfMed serves all ages, pediatrics and adults.

3.What equipment and supplies are you able to supply?

SurfMed is licensed to serve patients in all DME categories including Clinical Respiratory, Patient Monitoring Devices, Oxygen, Custom mobility, Standard DME, Medical Supplies, Incontinence, Wound Care Supplies and other Patient ADL Devices.

4.What licenses and certificates does SurfMed obtain?

SurfMed is CHAP Accredited and possesses a Florida (and other states) DME license and Retail Oxygen Permit, Medicare Certified, Medicaid certified.

5.Does SurfMed have licensed staff?

SurfMed employees are Licensed and Certified Respiratory Therapists.

6.What areas in Florida does SurfMed provide DME Service?

SurfMed is a statewide provider.

7.How long has SurfMed been in Business?

Since 1957

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